Advertising with WorthPoint

Why Advertise With WorthPoint?

  • Highly qualified, large audience of antiques & collectible enthusiasts
  • Precise targeting capability and tracking
  • Flexible options to fit your budget and specific marketing requirement

These sites combined provide a unique & engaged demographic that can’t be reached anywhere else! Currently + are ranked in the Members of use it for:

  • A comprehensive price guide – Worthopedia ™ –  realized from a wide range of online and offline sources including eBay; leading marketplaces and auction houses. People everywhere use Worthopedia to value and identify almost any antique or collectible
  • Expert opinion in the form of the Ask A Worthologist® service
  • An ever-growing library of articles & editorial content.,’s sister site, has been doing business since the dawn of the Internet and is a well-respectedonline marketplace in which antique dealers from around the world offer items for sale to educated buyers. At any one time GoAntiques will have approximately 500,000 unique individual items for sale in its online storefront, with an average listing price of over $600. is a new site in the WorthPoint family – launching in January of 2012. The Marks offering features a database with over 30,000 marks across metals, ceramics, glass and other categories - enabling users to search information about an item’s maker.  These “Maker’s Marks” are highly relevant to item value and authenticity. The system also links a subscriber to additional information about the manufacturer and the item.The Digital Libraryprovides materials on a wide range of collecting topics; everything from how to restore and clean items; to how to hire an estate sale service; to insurance advice; detailed item history and more. E-books from leading publishers can be selected and placed on subscribers’ virtual reference shelves for further reading or research.  They also have the ability to highlight passages, add notes, mark items and even purchase printed volumes.

Site demographics are shown below. You can choose to run your campaigns on either site or both sites, it’s all up to you.

Details on ad rates, sizes, targeting etc. are provided in the following sections. Quarterly Visitors 2008-2010 Quarterly Visitors 2008-2010
source: Google Analytics, verifiable via the DoubleClick Ad Planner

Advertising Options on WorthPoint

  • Traditional – CPM-based web banner ads or sponsorship in our popular email newsletters – Here are the basics.
  • Budget Saver – For a modest size campaign to support a specific sales event or item that you need right now! Try our new Do-It-Yourself Ads.
  • Auction Item Showcase – For Auction Houses looking to get more exposure of upcoming lots. Get your lots directly on our sites with LotCaster!

Banner Ads – Run of Site and Targeted

$3 CPM run-of-site banners are available in blocks of $750/month (e.g. $750 will receive at least 250,000 page impressions).

Pick any of our 3 IAB standard sizes (728×90, 300×250, 160×600), and run your creative material on any of our sites. For an additional cost we offer geo-targeting and session-based capping, as well as context-based targeting.

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Banner Ads – Newsletters

For as low as $500/month you can sponsor one of our e-mail newsletters. We currently have 3 newsletter sponsorship options: The weekly WorthPoint Insider, the monthly GoAntiques Buyers News, and the daily GoAntiques FIND Item Alerts.

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Do-It-Yourself Advertising

Running your ads on WorthPoint has never been easier! WorthPoint’s new DIY system allows advertisers to setup & target their own campaigns then schedule & pay on the spot. It’s entirely self-service, though we are available to help if you need it.

Campaigns start at $5 CPM targeted inventory as low as $50 for a campaign.

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or if you’re ready to start buying ads now:
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LotCaster – Auction House Advertising

LotCaster allows Auction Houses to increase exposure for upcoming sales. By sending lots to GoAntiques, you: (1) tap into our existing buyer traffic; (2) distribute your lots through our “FIND Item Alert” tool which matches your items to searches and (3) push your lots to other Internet sites, providing a fantastic “bang for the buck.” What’s more you know exactly how your Lotcaster investment pays out from the statistics you get.

Once your Lotcaster buy is activated your auction items will be showcased on both websites; your auction catalog will be featured on the home page; and your items with prices realized can be included in Worthopedia. Click here for an example.

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