WorthPoint is Proud to Offer You Our New Marks & Digital Library!

WorthPoint Marks™ will give you detailed information on distinguishing makers’ marks that have material implications on item identification, uniqueness and authenticity. It features a database with more than 40,000 marks and hallmarks across metals, ceramics, glass and other categories — enabling you to research information about an item’s maker both within the system and through links to additional data about the manufacturer and the item.

The Digital Library provides materials on a wide range of collecting topics — everything from restoring and cleaning items to hiring an estate sale service to insurance advice, plus detailed item history and more. E-content from leading publishers, including approximately 130 antiques and collectibles titles from F+W Media, can be selected and placed on virtual reference shelves for further reading or research. You can highlight passages, add notes, mark items and purchase printed editions.

Digital Library Membership - $14.99/mo (only $9.99 when added to a Marks membership)

Marks Membership Levels – start at just $9.99 monthly for a full category

WorthPoint Marks Categories:

  • Metal– Gold, Silver, Pewter, etc.
  • Ceramics – Porcelain, China, Pottery, etc.
  • Glass & Others – Others include Dolls, Swords, Gun Proofs, and more!