How to Use the Marks Database

The concept behind searching the marks database is a simple one. It assumes that you are looking at a mark on an item and want to know more about it.

The database does not assume that you know anything about the item – what it is made out of, where it was made, when it was made, or who might have made it. That is what the Marks Database should help you discover.

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It’s All in the Marks: Dating a Wedgwood Jasperware Urn

It’s All in the Marks: Dating a Wedgwood Jasperware Urn

This covered urn is an example of Wedgwood “Jasperware.” According to its owner, this one was purchased in 1980 at auction; its vintage was not listed in the auction catalog. Jasperware is a very distinctive type of stoneware with ivory/marble-looking appliques of Greek and Roman classical design on a blue, black, pink, brown red or […]

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lidded Chinese Export Silver centerpiece by Wang Hing

Chinese Export Silver an Oft-Forgotten yet Significant Antique Silver Category

Chinese Export Silver (1785-1940) is a much-forgotten, yet highly significant antique silver category. Early Chinese Export Silver was comprised mostly of faithful copies of comparable quality of British, American and European silver of the Georgian period, with silver content being up to half as much again as the originals. Probably most of the true masterpieces […]

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